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Transportation Management

A complete solution for your transportation system. Tracks details of routes, trips, fee received and in due etc. Records fuel and related expenditures either on fortnight or monthly basis.

Transport Management Provides:

•Add/Edit/Delete the routes for vehicles

•Add destination and cost details

•Add/Edit/Delete Vehicle details

•Get Transport Details

•Transport Fee facility availableCalendar

•Display Events, Examination, Holidays and Dues in the calendar

•Separate color for each action as categorized items above

•Display all information about the items on hovering over the color spots in the calendar

•Monthly view of all items

•Easy navigation of calendar monthEvent Creation

•Create any type of event

•Description can also be given to any Event created

•Title facility also available

•Can mark if the event is a holiday

•Can set the even common to all using the check box available

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